So what is it that drives our behaviours and influences our words on a daily basis? Where is it that 95% of our beliefs, thoughts and feelings are stored? Why do we sometimes feel as though we are robots on autopilot with little choice about the acting out the cyclical behaviours that no longer serve us?

It is the subconscious mind that serves all of these functions. And while it may be helpful in navigating our daily lives, e.g. how to interact in a “civilized manner” in society, other aspects of it may feel less beneficial, e.g. reacting to a detrimental belief system about the world not being safe since a traumatic fall in childhood and 20-40 years later, it still runs life via relationship fears, allergies, physical tension and other symptoms.

These types of belief systems, stored in the subconscious mind, can powerfully undermine our greatest intentions in life. In addition, the scientific experiments of Dr. Bruce Lipton, a well-known Cellular Biologist and Author, have shown that messages from our thoughts and beliefs control the function of our DNA and therefore our physical and mental/emotional health as well.

So how can we move past these long held beliefs, reflex behaviours and related mental or physical symptoms that provide less than the quality of life that we desire?

I use BodyTalk, as it is a phenomenal energy therapy that does just this. I watch client after client move through deeply held issues, that seem to go “Poof” (one client used this word recently!) and leave them as the filters/belief systems in the subconscious minds lose their charge and come into greater balance. I am in awe of what the subconscious mind reveals during a session and how, when brought to the surface, the detrimental, thought, belief, behaviour, feeling is able to shift. It also brings up memories related to various physical stressors within the body that have been stored in tissues for decades and helps them to move on when they have been adequately brought into awareness.

Healing in the 21st century has become so much simpler than the past (though not every case is simple!) Yet, it seems that the conditions are right to move beyond past limiting and self-sabotaging belief systems that no longer serve where we are headed, both personally and as a collective.






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