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Jaya’s book incorporates a variety of tools and practices that help us to remember ourselves as happiness itself; a happiness that has no conditions for arising. It highlights the mind-body connection (as proven by science), enabling us to recognize old mental and emotional patterns that can compromise our physical health and offers tools to help to shed them. This books helps us to rewire our brains so that redundant, unhelpful patterns can be released with greater ease, enabling us to thrive on all levels.

It can be purchased in soft cover at Jaya’s Ottawa office, on www.amazon.com and all European amazon websites, as well as in the Kindle edition on Amazon.

Guided Meditations

Doorway to Embodied Love

Jaya’s voice is accompanied by music by artist Stormby, which features string instruments, piano and ethereal vocals. The music brings a feeling of peace, harmony and tranquility and the words from her guided meditation invite us into a state of embodied love. Jaya mixed in the base 11.11Hz Alpha Awakening Frequency, which promotes focus, relaxation and creativity. It also encourages increased memory and intelligence, heightened awareness, anxiety/depression relief, mood stabilization and is a neuro~enhancer that calms the brain. (24 min)

Transcendence Meditation

Jaya’s voice is accompanied by music by artist Frank Cooper, which features the synthesizer, birdsong and ocean waves. Jaya mixed in the base frequency of 526Hz, as well as a binaural beat of 16.4Hz, which are both associated with the crown of the head, and affect the Spirit to encourage liberation and transcendence. The 526 Hz is also associated with the mouth and enhances speech and creativity. (15 min)

Returning to the Light

Jaya’s voice is accompanied by music by artist Sahin Koc (from the label Ambient Music), including synthesizer and flowing water, as well as a base frequency of 136.1 Hz binaural beat.** The frequency resonates with that of the Earth, the Sun and the Heart Chakra and encourages calm, centering and relaxation; its tone corresponds to the meditative “OM” or “Amen” that can also enhance meditative states. (10 min)

Expanding Awareness

Jaya’s voice is accompanied by music by artist Sean McCleery including piano, pan flute and nature sounds, as well as a theta frequency (4.5 Hz binaural beat**) to encourage elevated states of consciousness, deep meditation and wakeful dreaming. (27 min)

Coming Home

Jaya’s voice is accompanied by music by artist Chris Collins, which features the piano played over a synthesizer. Jaya mixed in the base 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency that is the bioenergy of health and longevity; a harmonic vibration that lifts the heart in harmony with the heavens. This frequency is also set to a binaural beat of 7.83Hz, known as Schumann’s Resonance or “The Earth’s Resonance.” It leaves you feeling revitalized like you’ve spent a day in the country’ and is associated with accelerated healing and enhanced learning; it is “the earth’s natural brainwave.” (30 min)


Jaya’s voice is accompanied by music by artist Jordan Jessep, which features the relaxing synthesizer. The meditation is designed for daily use to rewire the brain (neuroplasticity) so that you can move beyond survival emotions and into a more thriving state. If you would like more information on this work and/or to purchase related products, please visit Dr. Joe Dispenza’s website at: www.drjoedispenza.com (35 min)

Healing from Within

Jaya’s voice is accompanied by music by artist Fumio including running water, nature sounds, synthesizer, as well as a theta frequency (4.9 Hz binaural beat*) to encourage healing (similar to the laying of hands by a healer), treatment of addictions and learning new information. (23 min)

Disclaimer & Credits

Please note: Binaural music alters brainwave frequencies to improve relaxation, concentration, sleep, healing, learning, etc. Please do not use if you have an irregular heartbeat (especially a pacemaker!), are prone to seizures or while driving and/or operating other heavy machinery.

Professional equipment was used to create and mix these recordings.

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