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Hello I'm Jaya

I believe in the healing power of coming home to our bodies, and back to life, in every. single. way.

I spent years traveling the world, ultimately looking for ways to come home to my own body, the truth of my heart, and follow the whispers of my own Spirit’s wisdom. After leaving work in poverty reduction with the Canadian federal government, I spent a decade studying every energy therapy modality under the sun to enjoy this passion of mine, while being of greater to all.

Then, I unexpectedly gave birth to a child that would need ongoing medical care for years. I was shocked! I slowly realized  that as he grew, I would need to help him through his related traumas, so I began to study an extensive certification in Somatic Experiencing trauma integration therapy…

Teacher & Specialist

Somatic Teacher, Nervous System Specialist & Master Somatic Energy Therapist. 


Years Experience

Guiding others through the healing, vitality and expansion process, including providing over 10,000 Somatic Energy Therapy sessions.

Published Author

Who We Are When We Thrive: Remembering Happiness and Rediscovering Health” (View Here)

Professional Biography

Jaya Hollohan MA is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (obtained 3 year SEP Certificate). She is an Adv. BodyTalk Energy Therapist (40 Courses completed + 90 hours of anatomy), Certified Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Life Coach, Cranial Sacral & Reiki Practitioner, as well as studying Shamanism in Ottawa, Peru and supporting numerous plant medicine retreats with somatic therapy. 

Jaya has studied with SE Founder Dr. Peter Levine in person at the “Body as Healer: New Advances in Trauma Treatment” at the Omega Institute in NY and attended 10 day Adv Master Class, “Eye of the Needle” (Part 1 & 2), that provided techniques for the integration of Near Death Experiences (NDEs), post~surgical trauma, altered and anesthesia states, etc. The approach treats symptoms related to frequent dissociation, Global High Intensity Activation (GHIA), emotional/mood polarities, gut and sleep issues, as well as other trauma related symptoms.

She is currently studying Internal Family Systems (IFS) to inform her existing practice.

Jaya’s area of focus is on supporting clients to integrate:

1) challenging mental/emotional patterns and their influences on physical health and vice versa;

2) intergenerational trauma, as well as ancestral patterns that challenge overall health;

3) acute, developmental, and complex traumas, and where possible, to be used as a portal to foster greater awareness, connection with the Self/Spirituality, facilitating deeper relationships, for more embodied, empowered and meaningful lives.

Jaya likes to incorporate movement and joy into her practice and trainings wherever possible!

How my path leads to you...

Because of my extensive studies in alternative health, and innate gifts as a clear channel, I can see clearly where energy flows, how and why it gets stuck, and can help to change its direction for greater health. Due to my extensive professional, as well as mystical background, I understand the nuances of trauma and also how Spirit moves through each one of us. 

I know firsthand that things in life don’t always go the way that we think they will, that the emotional overwhelm, physical pain, and the pain of disconnection can be incredibly hard to presence, and integrate; that the way home to the body may not always seem obvious, and that it is always there..

And that is what I am here to help YOU find.

P.S. My son is now THRIVING 💕 — let’s help you to do the same.  

More About Jaya

Jaya has been deeply curious and passionate about consciousness, health and healing for most of her life. Since the age of 25 she began traveling to internationally renowned monasteries, like Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village in the South of France, the Ashrams of India, and many activated, holy places around the globe.

While working as a consultant for the federal government in poverty reduction, she took a year sabbatical to travel to India, which awakened something deep inside of her. While reading a book on non-duality on a rooftop of an Ashram, overlooking the Ganges in Rishikesh, she looked up into the Himalayas and began to see everything as one, vibrating, interconnected energy. This changed life dramatically. She returned to Canada and began to study energy therapy, soon after built her practice and left life as a consultant.  

Over the years, Jaya has offered, and co~facilitated numerous workshops, online somatic Trainings, and international Retreats in Mexico, Hawaii, Bali, and Canada on the benefits of somatics and energy therapy. She has also written a wonderful self~help book, “Who We Are When We Thrive: Remembering Happiness & Rediscovering Health” (See Resources Page).

Jaya completed a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Waterloo and an MA in Peace and Development Studies at the UJI University in Spain. 

She has further traveled to over 35 countries for work, play, and study at universities and various spiritual institutions. Jaya has walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the sacred Machu Picchu trail in Peru, visited the pyramids in Egypt, the Sea of Galilee in Israel, holy Bethlehem in Palestine, the Buddhist Temples of Asia, spent periods of time in the Ashrams of India, lived and worked amongst the ancient cultures of West Africa, studied literature in Ireland and peace and development studies in Spain, swam with the dolphins in Hawaii and much more in the search of truth and for the love of life. 

Jaya has studied and sat in person with many well-known, beloved Sages and wise people including: Mooji, Ramesh Balsekar, Thich Nhat Hanh, Bentinho Massaro, Matt Kahn, Abraham Hicks. Jaya explored yoga and asana with David Swenson, Ramanad Patel, Hart Lazer, Todd Norian, and Snatam Kaur. She studied with the founder of the BodyTalk System, Dr. John Veltheim, D.C., B.Ac., biophysicist Dr. James Oschman, molecular biologist, Dr. Laura Stuve and physical therapist, acupuncture physician and osteopath, Dr. Kerry D’Ambrogio. She also studied and/or attended workshops with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Gabor Mate, Bruce Lipton PhD, Donna Eden, Greg Braden, and Tony Robbins and more.

In her downtime, Jaya loves to run, bike, swim in natural waters, do yoga, meditate, dance, play piano, sing, make amazingly tasty and healthy food, and play with her beautiful son and friends.

Vision & Philosophies

Jaya is passionate about supporting clients to feel empowered and enhancing their connection to their bodies throughout their healing process. She also loves assisting them on their journeys to living more full, pain free, and vibrant lives.

Jaya also uses these principles and philosophies that support the body’s innate intelligence and capacity to heal itself, as part of all of her somatic energy therapy trainings, courses and retreats. She allows herself to be guided by the unknown possibilities present within each person, that are just waiting to rise to the surface, be brought into awareness and integrated.

All of Jaya’s services are available virtually and in-person, internationally —often between Canada and Bali. Join her mailing list to get notified when she’s in your area or announces new retreats and offerings that may assist you on your embodiment journey.

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