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Do you know what your biggest dreams, deepest desires and most painful memories have in common? They are all stored within your body. 

Somatic energy therapy sessions with Jaya help you gently unlock, overcome and fully embody these potentials, while simultaneously inviting you into your greatest power, freedom and joy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to explore my booking calendar (hours in EST – Toronto time). You will need to create a login to access the booking calendar, making it easy to book again or reschedule in the future. Payments can be made by Interac e-transfer, Wise or PayPal (using the option below), and are due prior to your appointment’s start time.

Most people will require at least 4~5 sessions to allow the body and mind to heal in a sustainable way. If you are looking to do deep Somatic trauma integration work and/or to shift more chronic physical, mental/emotional patterns, 10 sessions are recommended, and will change life dramatically. Once balance is restored to the body and mind, maintenance sessions help to support our nervous system and energy systems humming and attuned to their optimal state of health and well-being.

Jaya likes to see new clients once a week for 3 weeks whenever possible, in order to help to integrate introductory changes to the nervous and energy systems sustainably. After the first few sessions, you can discuss your treatment plan with her to get more clarity on what is required to reach your health goals.

To allow for the greatest amount of growth and support, Jaya offers sessions in 1-2 and 3-6 month containers. These packages give you the option to have your (4) to (8) sessions spread out over a weekly or bi-weekly basis for the duration of that container.

BONUS SUPPORT: Unlike single sessions, these monthly packages provide additional assistance, including integrative homework exercises, WhatsApp follow~ups, and access to Jaya’s monthly online Healing Gatherings  – where you will get to nourish yourself within a community that is committed to self-growth and expansion.

These sessions cost $222 (incl HST), totaling $888 for 4 sessions in a one month container, or 2 sessions per month in a two month container; $2,664 for 4 sessions per month in a 3 month container, or for 2 sessions per month in a 6 month container.

If this is your first session, please read the What to expect following a Somatic Energy Therapy Session –document, and the information in the appointment confirmation email that provides details on session preparation, including downloading and completing the two Forms that you can email to Jaya before your session: Consent Form and Health and Well-being Form. If you are coming in to work with trauma specifically, it would be helpful for you to also complete the 10 question Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Quiz to learn your ACE score. You can click to download and complete the ACE Quiz here.

Online sessions are available by Doxy.me and have the same results as in-person sessions. Many people enjoy doing online work because it allows them to relax in their own space and fully integrate following their sessions. 

Dr. Don Pilipovich, Auccupuncturist, RMT and former BodyTalk Instructor, as well as two Doctors from the Centre of Biofield Sciences in Pune, India completed a study on BodyTalk energy therapy distance sessions. They measured real-time changes in the human energy field via photographs taken before and after distance sessions.

You can view those images by clicking here!

In addition, Dr. Laura Stuve, molecular biologist, two colleagues from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Dr. Janet Galipo, Dr. of Chinese Medicine, led a study on the efficacy of BodyTalk distance sessions in the treatment of chronic pain. The evaluation of these sessions suggests that it significantly improved pain levels, as well as fatigue and other emotional symptoms associated with long-term chronic pain.

The following evaluation was published in the Journal of Pain Management 2015, vol. 7, #4, pp. 279 – 290, which you can read by clicking here: BT Chronic Pain Evaluation.

After booking online (appointment hours are in EST – Toronto time), you will receive an appointment confirmation email in your inbox, as well as a reminder email two days before your appointment (please make sure that the emails from the online calendar are going into your inbox and not your spam). If you need to change your appointment, please click on the URL in the appointment confirmation email, or by logging directly into the online calendar, a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment start time (you cannot cancel online in under 48 hours of your appointment’s start time). Please do not email or text Jaya to cancel your appointment.

Choose your support experience

What to expect during your sessions

Strengthening, building from within

Jaya meets each person with curiosity about what has led them to where they are on their healing and vitality journey, and how she can support them to move forward in their chosen direction. She focuses on progression not regression, though parts of the client’s past will most likely be visited in different ways throughout their healing.

A session starts with the client sharing where they feel blocked and what they would like help with. She does not encourage or work with “big cathartic releases” but rather touches into the edges of challenging sensations and emotions to be able to titrate them, allowing them to discharge, while also strengthening and building new resources from within.

An Integrative & Collaborative Approach

Jaya will then connect with the client’s energy, and mental/emotional fields, as well as physical bodies to get a sense of the patterns that are feeding this pain/blocks and then sense into how that person’s body can best work somatically to integrate ill~adapted patterns. There is a weaving of the client’s sensations, memories, emotions, images, impulses and felt sense that happens, as Jaya guides them into their body to uncover unexpressed responses related to past traumas that are often keeping their nervous systems stuck on either “on” or “off.”

As clients have these experiences, they become better equipped to discharge related bound survival energy, thwarted instincts and responses so that their bodies, minds and Spirits can become free of the affects of past traumas, and more rooted in presence and vitality.

Vision & Philosophies

Jaya is passionate about supporting clients to feel empowered and enhancing their connection to their bodies throughout their healing process. She also loves assisting them on their journeys to living more full, pain free, and vibrant lives.

Jaya also uses these principles and philosophies that support the body’s innate intelligence and capacity to heal itself, as part of all of her somatic energy therapy trainings, courses and retreats. She allows herself to be guided by the unknown possibilities present within each person, that are just waiting to rise to the surface, be brought into awareness and integrated.


Booking internationally? Please note that Jaya is 12 hours ahead of EST timezone, so only morning and evening hours are available at this time. Her hours will vary on occasion and are reflected in the online calendar.

All of Jaya’s services are available virtually and in-person, internationally, often between Canada and Bali. Join her mailing list to get notified when she’s in your area or announces new retreats and offerings that may assist you on your journey.

Refund Policies

The refund policies for all retreats, events, trainings and online courses are outlined below:

  • Cancellation up to 90 days before the event – full refund.
  • Cancellation up to 60 days prior to event start date – 50% of your payment is refunded.
  • Cancellation up to 60-30 days prior to event start date – 25% of your payment is refunded.
  • Cancellation 30 days prior or less before event start date – no refund.

This refund policy is non-negotiable due to bookings and deposits that we have committed to our wonderful hosts, food services and all of the amenities that support our events. Thank you for your understanding!

MAILING-LIST OPT-IN & CONSENT: If you book through the online calendar, your email will automatically be added to the monthly newsletter. You may unsubscribe at anytime. To join my mailing list without booking an appointment click here.
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