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  1. How does Somatic Experiencing trauma integration and energy therapy help me to feel more alive?

When our nervous system gets either stuck on “on” (fight/flight), or “off” (freeze), we become hypervigilant and feel agitated, activated and/or angry often, and with the freeze, we can feel shut down, collapsed, sad, depressed, lethargic, apathetic and unmotivated. Jaya combines both Somatic Experiencing and Energy Therapy to find where, how and why your body and nervous system got stuck, and helps it to discharge related bound survival energy, through heat, cold, trembling, tingling etc. so that you can find your way back to a healthy, harmonious equilibrium, and enjoy a calm aliveness in your body again.


  1. How can I heal my relationships and ways of relating with others by healing my trauma and related imbalanced energies?

In order to engage healthily in relationships, our fight/flight and freeze responses need to be relatively balanced so that our social engagement or parasympathetic (rest and digest) system is relaxed enough around people to engage with them. If our body feels like we are being chased by a tiger, our stress physiology says, “Who has time to chit chat, I need to run for cover or freeze to avoid being eaten”. When we are in this state, it is very difficult to bond with people easily. When we feel safe in our own body, we then rest more often in parasympathetic mode, which allows us to relate, mate, sleep and digest with much more ease. 


  1. Why do I feel so tired all the time, especially if I live a fairly stressful life?

There are many reasons for fatigue, e.g. low iron/anemia, poor sleep, overstimulation from screens or caffeine, constantly fighting off low grade infections, inability to uptake nutrients from poor digestion, etc. However, people that live chronically stressed lives and/or have experienced significant trauma within and/or throughout their lives, e.g. even from a traumatic birth or stressful time in utero, can have a certain stress physiology set~up where they have a lot of stress hormones firing (fight/flight), while the emergency brakes of the dorsal vagal (freeze) shut down system, are on at the same time. Imagine if you drove with the gas and the brakes on at the same time in your car? What would happen to the engine? The same thing happens to our internal engines, e.g. nervous system, heart and gut brains, organs and endocrines, when they are running in this way. They/we get tired. The solution is to help the fight/flight system/stress hormones to calm down and the emergency brakes to come off gently, so that more of our vital energy can be freed up and available for us to enjoy in our daily lives. Also to help any other related energies to get unstuck so that we can actually assimilate this energy and other fuels that our bodies take in on a daily basis, e.g. oxygen, water, food, vitamins, love, emotions, etc.  


  1. How can unhealed trauma lead to spiritual bypassing?

When people are traumatized it can be hard to socially engage as they can often feel very defensive. The related bound survival energy in the body can also feel very scary, especially as it tries to surface to heal, which can often feel overwhelming and experienced as rage. The fear of feeling these big sensations and emotions can lead someone into a relationship with a higher power/altered spiritual states to comfort themselves in ways that no other human being can. They move away from the scary feelings of trauma, and into the centre of the healing vortex, a bliss bypass, where they can avoid feeling the depth of intensity of the centre of the trauma vortex. Ultimately, we need to learn how to hold both vortices, the expansion and contraction, alongside one another in order to have an embodied, authentic, sustainable spiritual experience.


  1. How can your Somatic Trainings and Courses help to uplevel my healing journey and life, while also helping me to help my clients, family and/or friends?

The somatic embodiment work is incredibly powerful, particularly when accompanied by energy therapy, which also allows for ancestral/intergenerational trauma healing to occur, alongside Grace, Consciousness, Universal Intelligence, that is also supporting the healing process. It’s why I spent 15 years studying these modalities and a lifetime devoted to conscious awakening, and spending time in some of the most activated sacred places on Earth. Helping fragmented parts of the psyche, nervous system, emotions and our bodies and Spirits to return to us, allows for a sense of wholeness, groundedness and vitality to enter, alongside the miraculous. When people come together in a container to learn about and co~facilitate their own healing, 6 months of individual therapeutic work can be done in a few days. I have seen it happen again and again. Allowing ourselves to be witnessed by a group that is holding the intention for healing to occur, gives rise to accelerated healing to happen. It also connects us to a tribe of like~minded humans, that can give us the experience of greater support, especially because trauma registers as trauma in the nervous system, when an event overwhelms us in the absence of an empathic witness.


~ Image by Photographer: Graham Fortgang, Bacalar, Mexico

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