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Monthly Packages


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Session packages can be booked in 1-2 month and 3-6 month containers; allowing for (4) or (8) sessions to spread out on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Once purchased you will be given a link for her booking calendar where you will be asked to login or create an account if you are a new user.


    About these packages:

    To allow for the greatest amount of growth and support, Jaya offers sessions in 1-2 and 3-6 month containers. These incredibly supportive packages give you the option to have your (4) to (8) sessions spread out over a weekly or bi-weekly basis for the duration of that container.

    Bonus Support:

    Unlike single sessions, these monthly packages give you extra dimensions of support, including integrative homework exercises, WhatsApp follow~ups, and access to Jaya’s monthly online Healing Gatherings  –where you will have a chance to nourish yourself with an extra level of much needed community during your journey.


    Costs and how it works:

    These sessions cost $222 (incl HST), totalling $888 for 4 sessions in a one month container, or 2 sessions per month in a two month container; $2,664 for 4 sessions per month in a 3 month container, or for 2 sessions per month in a 6 month container. These containers provide additional support to help you to focus further on your health and vitality goals in an effective, life~altering and sustainable way! Please note the prices shown here are should you choose to pay via e-transfer to jaya (at) energythrive.com, otherwise you may use the PayPal/Credit Card options below, where processing fees have been incorporated for ease of access. 

    Location and availability:

    Virtual and in-person options available, email jaya(at)energythrive.com to find out if in-person is an option for you.

    Monthly Package Type

    1-2 Months (4 sessions), 3-6 months (8 sessions)