Dr. James Oschman, a leader in the field of energy medicine, has been fascinated by the scientific descriptions of the BodyTalk System. He presented the below presentation (summary) on Quantum Physics and Quantum Medicine entitled, “What is the body, where does it come from, and how does it talk?”, at last year’s International BodyTalk Association Members’ Conference.

“Explaining this varying approach to life and health to others can be challenging because of the ways our thinking has been influenced by the dominant materialistic paradigm. A number of breakthroughs have challenged this paradigm and forever changed our perception of ourselves and the world that we inhabit.”

“On December 14, 1900, one such breakthrough occurred when Physicist Max Planck presented findings about the nature of matter to the German Physical Society meeting. His discovery was totally contrary to the accepted notions at the time, which were widely viewed as a triumph of logic and reason and a “means to understand all of nature”.

“Max Planck’s upsetting presentation led to the birth of quantum physics, and the end of an era in which physicists knew that they could confidently fathom all of nature’s mysteries. From Planck’s discoveries arose an uncomfortable awareness that our basic concepts, our language, our whole way of thinking, are inadequate to describe the world which we live in. This change in awareness of relationships has altered every aspect of our reality.”

“There have been attempts to establish a Quantum Medicine, but it was not until Quantum BodyTalk that the discoveries in Quantum physics became part of the daily reality of many healthcare practitioners and their clients.”

What is BodyTalk? A consciousness-based, non-diagnostic, holistic therapy that works to re-synchronize the body’s energy systems so that they can operate as nature intended. It is based on pure science: 1) Quantum Theory, which explains the nature and behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level, and 2) Dynamic System’s Theory, which describes how the part functions as one with the whole.

According to Quantum Physics, we all have probabilities and possibilities to decrease the stress and pain in our bodyminds and increase our health.

I’ve had a small benign growth in my brain since I was born that has caused some undesirable effects. Lori told me that with BodyTalk treatments the growth might disappear. Imagine my surprise when a recent MRI didn’t find the growth, and only after looking more closely did the technicians spot a calcified area where the growth had been.

– Public Servant, Ottawa

How does a BodyTalk session work? The practitioner consults innate consciousness to find the factors that are contributing to ill health, e.g. emotional, environmental, dietary, physical, via muscle testing and their own innate wisdom. A mathematicalformula/morphogenic field, comprised of wave forms, is created that represents the bodymind’s new probabilities for health. The practitioner observes the client’s unique formula and introduces a catalyst that superimposes the new energy field over the existing one. The catalyst is a standing wave (soliton in physics) introduced by tapping over the brain, to make it aware of the changes suggested, and over the heart, to store the changes within the biggest electromagnetic field in the body. This causes a wave form collapse in the initial energy field, followed by changes to the bodymind’s cellular and related structures (matter follows energy).

This method heals issues on the physical, energetic, mental and supra-mental (sub- conscious) levels and is the most profound way to bring about increased balance to health in the bodymind.

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