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What I Know, What I do not Know and How I can Help You!

I am becoming more and more aware of what I know and what I do not know and how both of these benefit the healings that take place during BodyTalk sessions.

I have trained my mind to see mental/emotional and physical health patterns, as well as to let go of what I think should happen following and rest with the esoteric. Without the latter, many things that happen during a BodyTalk session may be perplexing. I often sit back following a session and wonder at what just happened.

BodyTalk session explained: I set the intention that various energies shift at the beginning of the session, having a sense of, though not knowing exactly which ones they will be. The body then starts to reveal patterns of ill health that are ready to unravel. I name the parts and systems that have been holding these ill adapted energies and suggest more effective communication pathways between them. I watch/sense/feel the movement of these energies and often name related emotional/mental patterns, past memories, etc. as this occurs. The suggestions for change begin to integrate as my client and I observe, and often feel, this happening. At times, gentle shaking or heat occurs in the clients’ body (or mine), we reach a still point and the integration of suggested changes is complete.

Following a BodyTalk session: The client often feels more alive, energetic, calm, centered, and either immediately or within days, begins to notice physical patterns of ill health shift, e.g. lower back pain or tension headaches are relieved; immune cell function is repaired/restored; the microbiome in the gut harmonizes with the brain; the liver dumps its unnecessary toxins; sleep becomes more regular, general inflammation is reduced – the skin clears; the lungs release their restrictive tendencies and a full breath is allowed; allergy symptoms either reduce or become eliminated, stressors trigger much less stress, etc.

What I do know is how to guide this process and have studied various aspects of health for over a decade to assist the healing to come about.

What I don’t know is how grace has its way with us; how it brings about spontaneous healing within this process and encourages health potentials to emerge and integrate on all levels.

This past summer I lost my hearing in one ear and since suffered from tinnitus. After various hyperbaric medicine treatments and inner ear cortisone injections, I saw little to no change in my hearing and the ENT said that I wouldn’t hear again. Six months later and a set of hearing devices, I finally decided to try BodyTalk. After one session, I was immediately re-energized, my nervous system calmed and I noticed I was able to focus again. I have now had 5 sessions, removed my hearing devices, have regained some of my hearing, and decreased the pitch of my tinnitus. My overall energy, stress levels and perspective have been hugely and positively impacted. Bodytalk is nothing like I’ve experienced before and I would truly recommend it as a holistic, positive and effective approach to healing.

– Sarah, Mother, Stittsville

Enjoy the mystery!

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