How do you want to feel? Physically vital, mentally/emotionally awake, spiritually free?

Would you like to drop the physical pain, mental/emotional baggage and/or spiritual sleep that your body and mind has harnessed for longer than you would like to remember? Would you like to see the patterns clearly that are impeding your ability to simply BE, enjoy and thrive?  


My experience of giving and receiving BodyTalk sessions over the last 7 years has shown that whatever is limiting our complete overall well-being, can and does shift when brought into awareness and changes are suggested to the way that our bodies currently organize their information. Once our stressors are identified (past and present), their affect on related parts, systems and mental patterns are released as communication pathways between these parts are restored. Our nervous system resets to encourage this process, while reestablishing the unique balance of our bodies and minds.

BodyTalk helps to shift a wide range of residual patterns, including: digestive issues, depression, anxiety, immune system weakness, musculo-skeletal issues, endocrine, sleep disorders, headaches, chronic fatigue, strong kundalini awakenings, various traumas that the body has retained.

“Bodytalk sessions with Lori provide a powerful space to focus on energetic structures that are at play just below my awareness. Lori acts as an amplifier that helps me to see the patterns that are present in my body and mind and are influencing my choices, as well as, physical, emotional and mental states.  Awareness, combined with the BodyTalk protocol, help to identify, shift and reorganize these longstanding energetic patterns. Things that were unconscious are now becoming conscious, which I am confident will lead to different choices in future.”

– Ellen, Project Management Consultant, Ottawa

If you would like to bring more clarity to and shift your ill-adapted health patterns, come in for a BodyTalk session and you will be amazed at what your body has to say, as well as how you feel following… physically vital, mentally/emotionally awake, spiritually free.


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