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Healing Complex Trauma and Syndromal patterns

I recently completed another 6 day Somatic Experiencing trauma integration training, as part of the Advanced year of the 3 year Professional training that I will finish in February 2020. We learned how to work with people who have complex and interwoven traumatic symptoms reflective of the highly disorganized physiological systems that occur in syndromal patterns. These often arise from the huge efforts required to manage extreme levels of disruption in the physiology, or in the face of extreme threats to survival.

Integrating complex trauma through the nervous systems is particularly helpful to resolving the various syndromal diseases that often arise in relation to it, eg. Migraines, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, IBS, autoimmune disorders, pain syndromes, etc.

When syndromal patterns are in place, both the dorsal vagal parasympathetic system (freeze) and the sympathetic systems (fight or flight) get stuck on ‘on’, eg. the “brakes” and the “gas” of our nervous system, which drains all of our systems, including vital energy, making it difficult to heal symptoms. In these cases, healing happens when the nervous system learns how to grow the ventral vagal (parasympathetic relaxation/social engagement branch) and begins to self-regulate; healing also when coping/management strategies are able to be integrated and not relied upon to keep our systems stable, which is the only safety that many people with these patterns regularly rely upon.

I am so grateful to have gained even more tools to help people to heal from these clusters of symptoms (syndromal patterns), which Western Medicine often has difficulty naming and healing via the related dysregulation in the nervous systems. Particularly as Syndromal diseases often respond poorly to treatments and have people going from practitioner to practitioner for years, getting so little results.

I personally experienced so many healings in this past week as my nervous system rebooted itself in the most incredible way that it ever has, followed by a similar reboot to my immune, as well as other systems. Two areas of pain and/or lack of sensation also integrated and have completely left me. I feel so incredibly new again on all levels and would love to facilitate the same experience for you.

May all beings be well and thrive!
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