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Freeing up our Nervous Systems!

The way that we react or respond to what happens in our daily lives indicates how much space or tension we hold in our Nervous Systems. If we find life very stressful, certain parts of our brains are likely overwhelmed due to past unintegrated feelings, memories, thought patterns and/or energies.

Physical tension and/or disease in our bodies often ensues if our Nervous Systems are not given the chance to reset and heal. As Canadian Dr. Gabor Mate says, “You cannot separate the mind from the body; whatever happens emotionally will have an impact on your physiology.”

In addition, if we have experienced trauma of some kind, (and most of us have), various parts of the brain, the heart and gut brains will be mobilized into either fight/flight or freeze patterns, until the Nervous System discharges the energy that it retained from the initial trauma/s.

BodyTalk energy therapy helps to reset the Nervous System by enhancing communication between its affected parts and systems so that it can integrate stuck memories, emotions, thought patterns and energies. This allows the root causes of stresses to be revealed, released and healed, and the body and mind to restore its optimal balance.

What a great relief to us all!

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