– Anonymous, Public Servant, Ottawa

“My first appointment with Jaya was one of the most amazing experiences of my life; I could feel energy flow through me that caused me to twitch and shudder. During the session Jaya identified what could be the cause of my anxiety, and set out a plan to deal with it. I normally tend to be skeptical of alternative methods of healing, however, I do trust what my experience teaches me, and it has taught me that Jaya’s treatments are having a real effect.”

– Ellen, Government, Ottawa

“Somatic energy therapy sessions with Jaya provide a powerful space to focus on energetic structures that are at play just below my awareness. Jaya acts as an amplifier that helps me to see the patterns that are present in my body and mind and are influencing my choices, as well as, physical, emotional and mental states. Awareness, combined with these techniques, help to identify, shift and reorganize these longstanding energetic patterns. Things that were unconscious are now becoming conscious, which I am confident will lead to different choices in future.”