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Healing & Inspiration in Challenging Times

I am so grateful for the downtime that these times of “social lock down” have brought, and the space that it allows my body, mind and spirit to let go deeply. Also to have the time to be with various emotions as they arise; to cleanse my liver, to run on the river, to dance and do yoga daily to keep me healthy, strong and peaceful inside.

Something that I have been aware of regarding the fear that is prevalent in these times, is that if our nervous systems’ were conditioned to be fearful at a young age, they will most likely be reacting more fearfully now (the amygdala actually grows larger in this case). So when I see different things happening and/or read other things, I do my best to hold this in awareness and meet those around, including myself, with compassion.

Following our Government’s recommendations re: social distancing, I am only able to offer sessions online via Zoom or by phone at this time, until we are advised that we can do otherwise. I am happy to have been offering distance sessions for about a decade, which already comprise approximately 25% of my practice. (If you would like more to read clinical studies carried out on their efficacy, please feel free to visit the Appointments page of my website and scroll down to read under Distance Sessions). If people are working from home, this may be the perfect time to add a remote session into the day to help to move through whatever is coming up in these challenging times.

I am so grateful to be able to continue to offer therapy sessions at this time, as it feels that we all need to reset now in order to work through the fears, etc. that are arising, and that we are all beings asked to face. I am also grateful that working online allows me to keep the doors of my small business open.

Feel free to click on this beautiful video that I found about ways to be grateful for the experience of our interconnectedness and the opportunity to reevaluate and redesign our lives during these times.

Also please use any of the free guided meditations and other helpful tools available on the Tools page of my website to help you to reconnect with yourself. 

May we all rediscover how to thrive in unexpected and forgotten ways during these times of deep remembering of what it is to be truly alive!

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