Oct 7 – 20, 2024: 100HR Embodied Trauma Integration YTT – Bali


Embodied Trauma Integration:

100HR Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training

Solana Resort, Bali

*Oct 7-20, 2024*

About the Training:


“Over 80% of the population has experienced a trauma at one point or another.”

— Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD

This 100hr Trauma-Informed Teacher Training provides a comprehensive understanding of the impact Trauma has on our Brain, Nervous System, Psyche & Health, & the tools that somatically support Embodied Trauma Integration & Resolution.

So that we may learn how to effectively create and cultivate safe, professional containers and spaces of profound healing and transformation

Our highly experiential curriculum combines the daily practice and exploration of Trauma Informed Yoga, Somatic Self Regulation Techniques, Embodied Unwinding, Embodied Presencing, Yoga Nidra & Somatic Experiencing Techniques.

Alongside daily education in understanding Trauma & its impact on the nervous system via lectures, dyads, group discussion, and self inquiry.

  • Learn to spot subtle signs of unresolved trauma in students/clients language, body and behaviours

  • Discover how Somatic Experiencing tools can help us complete stuck fight/flight/freeze responses to support trauma integration & nervous system health.

  • Understand the relevance of poly-vagal theory and the nervous system in trauma resolution

  • Discover resourcing techniques for self regulation and co-regulation to encourage embodiment & nervous system repair

  • Discover the power of somatic practices such as Trauma Informed Yoga, Vagal Toning, Pranayama, Embodied Unwinding & Yoga Nidra & the role they play in trauma integration.

  • Enhance your internal interoceptive felt sense & embodiment & form a deep listening relationship with your own body wisdom

  • Become aware of your own trauma & triggers, & the practices that may potentialise re-traumatisation 

  • Develop your capacity for strong boundaries and holding therapeutic presence for others

  • Learn to create safer containers for deeper healing and transformation

Increased stress, overwhelm, global crisis, soaring rates of abuse, anxiety, depression and mental health issues all around the globe show us that humanity is screaming for something different. 

Many of the systems and structures we’ve put in place clearly aren’t working, in fact they are crumbling and collapsing.  And, so are we.  A predominantly traumatised and dis-embodied society has resulted in numbness to the natural world, a misplaced worship of material things, and a subsequent disconnect from our own senses, selves and the environment that surrounds us. 

The U.N reports that 75% of trauma doesn’t come from a battlefield, refugee camp or natural disaster, such as an earthquake, it is interpersonal. Inflicted by one person over another, often purposefully. 

In other words, every ‘body’ in our yoga classes holds some level of unresolved trauma. In these challenging times, many of us as teachers, practitioners & facillitators are being called to step into a greater standard of service. To become competently trauma informed so that we may learn how to cultivate, create and provide containers of deeper safety and presence, both in ourselves and for others. To educate ourselves to understand the conditions, survival strategies and patterns of armouring and protection that keep us in states of avoidance, spiritual bypass and disembodiment, as well as all the ways we become stuck in anxiety & agitation, or disconnection & depression. So that we can learn to re-connect with safety in our own bodies, ground, regulate our nervous systems & then competently support the nervous systems of those around us.

By developing our therapeutic presence we can, in the moment, more fully attune to ourselves and our students/clients on a multitude of levels—physically, emotionally, cognitively, somatically and spiritually. Offering others the opportunity to really feel safe and seen, possibly for the first time. This is an essential step in providing spaces where painful or rejected parts and traumatic experiences from the past can begin to be acknowledged and integrated.

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